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Why you don’t earn to your satisfaction

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The journey to getting financial autonomy and stability is more complicated than it seems. There are a lot of elements that contribute to an individual having an appreciable and stable income, many of which are neglected by most people as they strive to earn and create a reality for themselves which they refer to as financial freedom. In the course of implementing what an individual deems necessary to earn to his satisfaction, there are certain very important yet sometimes very unnoticeable factors that do a very good job in breaking that earner’s objective of attaining financial freedom to smithereens. These very influential “mini-killers”, killers that destroy the dreams of many entrepreneurs and earners, both experienced and inexperienced, hindering them from achieving their very much needed financial freedom, making their goals of achieving financial autonomy a farfetched reality. Some of these killers will be brought to the light in this write-up, and more will be exposed in subsequent articles. You are advised to know who they are and take their threats seriously if your ambition towards financial freedom isn’t just for show but actually what you will like to make a reality.


When running the path to moneymaking there is the tendency to be openminded in other to achieve versatility and all the advantages that come with it. Now the question is, “is this the right thing  to do?” and the answer is obvious, YES YES YES; it is wise to put your eggs in many baskets, yet is more wise and clever to put those eggs in an egg tray before putting them in the various baskets. Dabbling is the tendency to engage in many projects without putting focus on any. No matter how enthusiastic an entrepreneur is when he starts multiple ventures this financial freedom mini-killer will always be waiting for him/her along the way. With regard to dabbling Hamza tells you this; “DIVERSIFY YOUR EARNING SOURCES BUT NOT THE DEFICIT OF EFFICIENCY, TAKE ON ONLY THE NUMBER OF PROJECTS YOU ARE SURE TO CARRY OUT EFFICIENTLY”.



With every venture where money is expected, there is one thing that is inevitable; money must leave one entity to another; in other words, there must be exchange of commodities with monetary value between the parties involved. If you wish to earn then you are ready to offer your goods or services in exchange for money; it doesn’t come as a surprise to you that the people who pay for your services make up your market. Regardless of how creative or extraordinary your business engagement is, regardless of the resources you have gathered and made available for your venture, no matter the determination and hard work you are willing to implore into making your financial freedom a reality, without an available market all these efforts are for naught. Notwithstanding, with regards to market Hamza tells you; “JUDGE AND MAKE A DETAILED SURVEY ON THE AUDIENCE TO WHICH YOU INTEND TO MARKET YOUR SERVICES, IF THERE IS NO ONE WHO NEEDS IT CHANGE YOUR PATH”.



This is one of the deadliest mini-killers and he is the highest of who goes unnoticed. With everything in place to start your car to on this journey to financial freedom, prompt application of your already perfect ideas is key. Many individuals delay due to many reasons such as:

  • They want to finetune their ideas before taking action
  • They want to take everything slowly to make sure errors are minimized
  • They don’t know where to start
  • They are just plain lazy

Some of these reasons are valid but caution should not be an excuse for laxity, when you have an idea towards achieving whether it is applying for a job or starting one of your own be quick yet steady in taking action. With regards to procrastination Hamza says; “YOU MUST NOT BE 100PERCENT CERTAIN BEFORE TAKING ACTION, THE TIDES OF BUSINESS ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING, AND TRY TO BE ACCURATE IN YOUR VENTURES WHILE MAXIMIZING SPEED AND PUNCTUALITY AS EFFICIENTLY AS YOU CAN”.

With this said I have brought the most influential mini-killers to light, all of which stop you from earning completely or which make you earn but not to your satisfaction. More of these dubious fellows will be exposed in subsequent articles as per your wish.

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