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Oh Yes! You’ve learned how to build websites with WordPress and you find a lot of difficulties earning due to a large number of WordPress developers Online, and the fact that there are more experienced Developers who are ready to build websites at a lower cost than you do but don’t worry I will show you ways on how to earn money using WordPress.

                   But you need money to pay your bills, take care of your Kids and maybe to go on an outing…. etc. and today, we will show you ways on how to earn money using WordPress.

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The amount of Competition in Plugin development is lesser with larger Opportunities you can create a Plugin having Both a Free and Paid version where the free version will have limited functionality so as to force developers to purchases the paid version of your Plugin

Tip: With experience as a developer, you must have come by a time when you needed to add a functionality to your website but you couldn’t due to the fact that you couldn’t find a Plugin to do that, consequently you can think of creating a Plugin to solve that issue and trust me many Developers had same issue and will purchase it if it is well built.


                                Apart from building and Selling themes, you can develop and sell themes as well, the good thing about selling Themes and Plugins is you can create Recurring Payments either monthly or Yearly like most developers do. There are two ways to market your Themes and Plugins

Option 1:

You can you Create a Theme and Plugin Market Place and sell them there, it advantageous because you can sell themes and Plugins for other Developers and get a Commission but won’t Recommend for A start

Option 2:

You can sell on a well-known Theme market place like ThemeForest


                              Many Big Hosting Companies like TMD Hosting, BlueHost ….and other Web Hosting companies (top 05 best hosting companies 2021) Offer the Opportunity to Purchase Reseller hosting with many cPanel’s where you can create a website where you can resell the hosting and earn more It is very advantageous as well in case you get a Website contract you can ask your client to purchase hosting from you and you will gain more

There is an increase in Google searches related to word press. You can create a WordPress related blog and provide useful content to WordPress newbies and developers. With your high audience, you can apply for Google ads or big companies will contact you for partnership which will be highly beneficial to you. Taking myself as a case study, I discovered with time that keywords related to WordPress have a higher monthly volume search and got most traffic to my website from monthly articles.


There is an increase in the number of people who want to learn WordPress, I for one learnt WordPress from online courses. There are millions of people using the internet to learn new skills. You can create a free and paid course, for instance I enrolled into a free beginner’s guide course in WordPress and the course was so good I was prompted to happily pay for his paid premium course, an advice I can give to you is to create free courses which talks about the basics of WordPress and a paid course which is linked to our free course. You can sell your courses in two ways;

a)     On an E-learning website

You can sell your courses on;


It has a very low commission percentage compared to other eLearning websites



b)     Create your own E-learning platform

To do this you will have to:

Choose a domain name

Purchase hosting (article on top 7 hosting companies 2021)

Install WordPress on the site

Choose an LMS plugin and build the site

But, in my opinion I would prefer you start by selling your courses on well-known eLearning platforms like Educationalists and Udemy. Which is a great method on how to earn money with WordPress


Guess after building you WordPress site, you have spent a lot trying to optimize your website to rank high on google. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a huge part of website development with few developers in it.  SEO is a service which most website developers ae willing to pay for.

You have done everything to make your website rank higher n google like keyword search, google ads…etc, and you can do the same for a client in need and get paid.


If you like typing you can write content for websites, because many websites are in search of people who can write updated content to their sites and are ready to pay for this content. You can as well create a blog website where you write your articles and monetize your website with AdSense or other ad sites. You can get typing jobs on Upwork and Firer.


Above are few ways on how to earn money using WordPress and I believe there are many other ways, my advise to you is to create an online portfolio to show off your previous work and include a short bio, active links and published posts so as to link it to your Fever and Upwork accounts.

Do you know any other way to earn as a WordPress freelancer?

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