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Digital marketing pdf free download

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing also known as online marketing refers to the promotion and sells products and services using online marketing techniques like email marketing…etc Digital marketing pdf free download link below.

I would advise nay one who is new to digital marketing to download this free E-book it has helped me a lot with digital marketing strategies

The book Covers

1.Digital Marketing strategy template

It talks about 8 stages on how to create strategies for your business.

2.Developing a content marketing strategy

Content marketing is the process of developing and sharing relevant content  to target audience with the goal of acquiring new customers or increasing business from existing customers. The books talks about ways to develop content marketing strategies which will be of real help to people.

3.Crafting a Digital Advertising Plan

The talk about Digital Advertising Plan that brings you traffic to your Website

4.Understanding Social Marketing Plan

Ways on how to use Social media platforms to market your products online

5.Email Marketing best practice

Sending Marketing emails to customers to make them see reasons why the should purchase your product

6.Designing search marketing strategy

Learn the right way to do SEO here

7.Applying website analysis to digital marketing

Teaching you how to apply analysis to your website

8. Leveraging Conversion Rate Optimization to Drive Growth

This chapter gives you a framework which guides you through everything you need to do as a digital marketer.

Digital marketing pdf free download link below


Getting a Product is something and marketing the product is another,This book gives you ways to market your products online. I would recommend you to read article on financial freedom as well

Do have any other free book you wish to share?

Comment Below with Name and Link

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